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September 2017 Student of the Month

3 months ago

To the members of the Sublette County School District #1 Board:


The specialist team is excited to nominate Sarah Helm as Pinedale Elementary’s September student of the month.  Sarah is a fifth grade student who demonstrates outstanding qualities of citizenship and makes us proud to have her as a student in our school.

            In physical education, music, library, science, PEAK and art, Sarah continues to perform as an outstanding example.  She shows leadership in looking out for the safety of others.  

She demonstrates kindness and helps resolve conflicts among group members around her.  Always focused on the task at hand, she cheerfully encourages others to stick to the job.  Sarah is consistently enthusiastic, positive, respectful and patient. 


Genuinely a kind person, she demonstrates empathy to those around her and a level of thoughtfulness that is not typically common at such a young age.  The specialist team considers ourselves fortunate to have her in our classes.



Grey  Schouboe

Cristy Anspach

Kyle Sullivan

Heather Kamp

Chandra Stough

Liz David

October 2017 Student of the Month

2 months ago

To the Members of Sublette County School District 1’s School Board:

It is our pleasure to recognize Mya S. as the Student of the Month from Pinedale Elementary School.  Mya is an exceptional young lady with a many praiseworthy qualities that make her an excellent choice for this honor. 

As a student, Mya always strives for her best.  She takes time to do a thorough, high quality job on all of her assignments.  She is extremely creative, and excels in the art room as well as with open-ended activities in the classroom.  She is a great problem solver who can think outside the box to come up with solutions to challenging problems. She is a positive leader 

in our classrooms with a great growth mindset. She does not shy away from a challenge and often goes the extra mile on assignments.  She will complete work at home to contribute to group and individual projects.  She works hard to learn and grow as a student.  

As a friend, Mya is caring, patient, trustworthy, and fun to be around.  She is genuinely kind and helpful, one of those rare individuals who helps other simply because it is the right thing to do.  She never needs recognition or prompting for her behavior.  She has a positive attitude and almost always has a smile on her face.  She also has a wonderful sense of humor.  She is quiet, but her peers look up to her. They seek her out as a partner because of her many admirable qualities.  

Mya’s kindness, creativity, and work ethic will undoubtedly take her far in life.  We commend Mya for the person she is today and the person she is becoming.  We are delighted to have the opportunity to recognize her with this honor.


Heather Kamp, PEAK Teacher  & Emiliy Fixter, 5th Grade Teacher

December 2017 Student of the Month

about 1 month ago

Dear Sublette County School Board Members:

     It is my pleasure to nominate Haven Whitley for Pinedale Elementary School Student of the Month.  Haven is a fourth grade student that demonstrates many exceptional character traits.  Haven is a great role model for her classmates and very deserving of this award. 

     Haven exemplifies the growth mindset.  She approaches each subject area with an enthusiasm and determination that is unparalleled in our classroom.  Haven is not only an enthusiastic learner but also actively seeks feedback from her teachers.    She sets the example of how to take responsibility for your own learning.

In addition to a tremendous work ethic, Haven consistently makes good choices in all aspects of school.  Haven is respectful and polite to adults and peers in and out of the classroom.  Haven is also safe and responsible.  If Haven sees unsafe behavior occurring, she will let an adult know. 

     Lastly, Haven’s kind and friendly demeanor make her a great nominee for student of the month.  Her ability to take the thoughts of others into consideration makes her a great friend and makes our classroom a better place. 

     I commend Haven for the person she is both in and out of the classroom and appreciate her dedication to making our school a great place to be. 



Rebecca Strom

4th Grade Teacher, Pinedale Elementary School