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  • Intelligent learning
    Intelligent learning
    Our creativity and emotion are what separate us from artificial intelligence. How will you use what you learn and experience here at SCSD#1 to fulfill your purpose inlife?
  • But... Why?
    Why do we learn... what we learn?

    Why do we do... what we do?

    Is it of lasting value... the ideals, strategies and instruction our parents, coaches, teachers, leaders impart to us?

    Will it prepare us for the day, the week, the month, this year, college, trade school, life?

    Can we build on what we learn here? Are we inspired to learn more, do more, be more; Will we change the world, our sphere, for good? Or do we merely follow the dictates of our leadership, never venturing to go beyond the course they have set before us?
  • Learning Engagement
    Are we excited about what we learn?

    What do you think students should learn? How about parents... coaches... teachers, administration?

    We never stop learning. We may stop using what we learn to make our sphere great, but we are always learning. What are we learning and what will we do with this new knowledge?

    We will invest in people, create objects, art, opportunities, or will we go outside and play and try and escape the day that we had, the people that we encountered, and problems they made for us?

    How do we create inspiration in light of these everyday weights? How do we stayed engaged in learning?
  • Technology's Role in Learning Engagement
    From the technology perspective: We supply devices of varying operating systems to students and teachers of vast levels of abilities; and coordinate the implementation of desired software to address our teachers' objectives to teach our students as much as we can!

    Are we meeting this objective? How can we improve the technology we provide?

    How can we improve our students' and their parents' learning engagement here at SCSD #1?

    Partner with us in fostering a life long learning climate, that our students can take with them to accomplish their dreams, their goals... greatness in the midst of everyday challenges!